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History of the Triple Existence

a prospective book by William McGaughey


Estimated publication date

June 2019





Number of pages (including index)



Description of book

This is a paperback book, organized in eleven chapters, which narrates the history of the universe from its beginning 13.8 billion years ago to the present. In contrast to other works of “big history”, this one focuses upon the emergence of three types of being - matter, life, and thought - which occur only on planet earth so far as we know. With respect to thought, it is a story of how human societies have developed in the form of more complex and pluralistic institutions - namely, government, religion, commerce, education, and entertainment. The narration includes a succession of historical developments to explain the natural and human world that we have today.


Number and type of illustrations

There are 163 line-drawing illustrations distributed among eleven chapters of text. Additionally, the book includes 31 tables. A list of the illustrations and tables is included with this submission.


Author biography

William McGaughey is a 77-year-old married man living in northeastern Pennsylvania after a 50-year residence in Minnesota. A 1964 graduate of Yale, he was employed in accounting and real-estate management. In 2000, he presented a novel theory of world history in his book, Five Epochs of Civilization. McGaughey was program chair of the annual conference of the International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations held in New Orleans in 2011 on the 50th anniversary of its founding in Salzburg, Austria, by a group of prominent historians. He has presented papers at all four conferences of the International Big History Association, 2012 though 2018, as well as one at Lomonosov Moscow State University in October 2013.




Table of Chapters


Introduction page 1

Chapter 1 Origin of the Cosmos page 3
Chapter 2 The Earth and Solar System page 33
Chapter 3 Life Appears on Earth page 65
Chapter 4 The Human Species Appears page 101
Chapter 5 The Beginning of Human Culture and Thought. page 135

Chapter 6 The First Epoch of Civilization: Development of Imperial Government. page 173
Chapter 7 The Second Epoch of Civilization: Development of World Religion page 219
Chapter 8 The Third Epoch of Civilization: Development of Commerce and Education page 269
Chapter 9 The Fourth Epoch of Civilization: Development of News and Entertainment. page 317
Chapter 10 The Fifth Epoch of Civilization: Development of Computers page 361
Chapter 11 Intelligent Machine Life page 401

Appendix page 433
Bibliography page 457
Index page 463


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