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The Independence Party and the Future of Third-Party Politics:

Adventures & Opinions of an IP Senate Candidate


Title: The Independence Party and the Future of Third-Party Politics: Adventures & Opinions of an IP Senate Candidate

  Published in 2003    
  ISBN: 0-9605630-5-9    
  $18.95 list price    
  Internet price: $14.95 + $3.00 S&H    

472 pages softcover


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C.I.P. categories: 1. McGaughey, William, 2. political candidates - Minnesota - biography, 3. Independence Party (Minn.), 4. third parties (United States politics), 5. United States. Congress. Senate - Elections, 2002.



From reading this book, you can learn -

• how to run a successful political campaign on a shoestring, not running away from your principles

• how "community policing" has been a blame-shifting device used by city police to punish those who rent to poor people

• how a group of stigmatized landlords in a one-party town beat Minneapolis city officials at their own game

• how leisure-starved Americans are growing poorer as they work harder to get ahead

• how a general reduction in work hours would enhance, not hinder, advancement of wages & living standards

• about a possible way out of the ills of globalization through international cooperation

• about the role of racial and gender politics in keeping working Americans divided, unable to challenge their bosses

• about the record of group violence including black Americans and the Ku Klux Klan

• about the great importance of media in political affairs and how to cope with hostile media

• about the art of politics in a culture of popular entertainment - viz. Jesse Ventura

• about the triumph of a college-educated career failure after he fought the politicians and drug dealers

• about the need for a politics of total change and its immediate feasibility

• about the possible role of Minnesota's Independence Party in leading American third parties to electoral victory


Brandishing a picket sign emblazoned with statements of two issues that were totally outside the political mainstream, the author waged a campaign for U.S. Senate which captured 8,482 votes, or 31% of the total, in the 2002 Independence Party primary. He placed second to the party-endorsed candidate (who had 49.5% of the vote) despite a lack of resources and a ban on news coverage of his campaign by the state's largest newspaper. This event could mark the beginning of the end for political control by race/ gender- manipulating corporate and professional interests.

Many observers believe that Minnesota's Independence Party is in the best position of any U.S. third party to break loose from the pack and do what the Republicans did to the Whigs in the 1860s: displace one of the nation's two major parties. It elected a Governor of Minnesota (Jesse Ventura) in 1998 and briefly sent another of its members (Dean Barkley) to the U.S. Senate. Its candidate for Governor in 2002 (Tim Penny) received a "disappointing" 16% of the vote. Micah L. Sifry has written: "The IP has carved a real foothold in state politics ... The fact that the IP's slate of legislative candidates got, on average, 11% of the vote is another sign that a bloc of voters have begun to align their political identities around the IP." (The Nation, 12/30/02)


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