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On the Ballot in Louisiana

Advance Comments

"Whether or not you agree with his politics, there's something to be said for a guy who believes in something enough to run for President."

- Seth Fox, political reporter, Bossier Press-Tribune, Bossier City, LA


"We need more people like Bill in the people's corner. He has the strength of a bull and the tenacity of an ox."

- Pamela Russell, reporter, The Sabine Index, Many, LA


"Bill McGaughey epitomizes the lost art of an American patriot taking his cause and his beliefs and promoting them at personal cost."

- Johney S. Turner, editor, The West Carroll Gazette, Oak Grove, LA


"McGaughey's campaign swing through Louisiana to spread the word about the dire need for job creation is a refreshing change from the media circuses organized by many major candidates. He met voters face to face and got his message out first hand."

- Ted McManus, managing editor, The Daily Review, Morgan City, LA


"The book is a fascinating, behind-the-scenes account of an outsider's immersion into Louisiana politics. Although Bill didn't reach his goal in the primary, he received more votes than other politicians with more name recognition. For anyone who dreams of the Presidency, this book offers an insider's view into the world of campaigning."

- Jeff Crouere, host, "Ringside: Politics with a Punch", WLAE-TV, New Orleans, LA


"It's a colorful account of a journey."

- Leonard Gray, managing editor, L'Observateur, Laplace, LA


"I enjoyed it." - Andrew Griffin, columnist, Daily Town Talk, Alexandria, LA



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