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On the Ballot in Louisiana

Running for President to Fight National Decay


On the Ballot in Louisiana:
Running for President to
StopNational Decay

  Published in 2004    
  ISBN: 0-9605630-6-7    
  $16.95 list price    
  Internet price: $12.95 + $3.00 S&H    

400 pages softcover


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1. Presidents--United States--Election--2004. 2. McGaughey, William. 3. Presidential candidates--United States--Biography. 4. Primaries--Louisiana--History. I. Title.


From reading this book, you can learn -

• how an ordinary citizen can get on the ballot in a presidential primary

* how political unknowns can connect with voters in elections to high office

* how to streamline email messages sent to lists of reporters

* how the government

might stop the hemorrhaging of U.S. jobs from outsourcing

* what is a possible solution for global unemployment

* what strategies are being pursued for rural economic development in Louisiana

* what large company is closing its regional processing center in Monroe, LA

* what Louisiana city is the center of the nation's offshore oil drilling industry

* where Bonnie and Clyde were killed in a 1934 shoot-out with police

* how Huey Long persuaded the legislature to build a stadium for LSU

* where and how to find inexpensive motels in Louisiana

* where is a good place to look for parking in downtown New Orleans on Mardi Gras

* some of the Mardi Gras parades held in different Louisiana cities

* what Louisiana governor checked himself out of a state mental institution

* what is Britney Spears' home town

The brash adventure of a man from Minnesota who, without much money and a set of issues outside the political mainstream, finished fifth in Louisiana's 2004 Democratic presidential primary, upsetting two better-known candidates

How would it feel to run for President of the United States with little name recognition or support, advocating an end to "free trade" and to the politics of gender and race? As the Mississippi River flows from its source in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico south of New Orleans, so Bill McGaughey drove down to Louisiana in the spring of 2004, armed with little more than an idea. He squarely addressed the jobs "outsourcing" problem with a proposal for cost-equalizing, "employer-specific" tariffs. With more than 200 illustrations, this book offers both an insider's view of presidential politics and a tale of high adventure as the author traveled the bayou state in search of votes.


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