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The Independence Party and the Future of Third-Party Politics

Advance Comments

"Bill McGaughey was at the center of some political battles in Minneapolis that showed the dangers of one-party government and the liberal tendency to be guided by ideology and passion instead of fairness and facts. When historians look back on our tumultuous times, they will be hard pressed to find a better explanation of the perspective of the "Angry White Male", whose legitimate concerns and interests, and even dignity, were ignored by the intellectual elites, multiculturalists, and victims' advocates." - Alan Shilepsky, Minnesota Reform Party candidate for Secretary of State, 1998, and party platform chair, 2000


"Bill presents some fascinating personal experiences and a thoughtful rationale for his choice of issues (in the 2002 Senate campaign) to begin a very necessary conversation about what the Independence Party of Minnesota stands for and will stand for in the future." - Dave Hutcheson, Minnesota Independence Party candidate for State Auditor, 2002


"This book is both a threat to the old order and a courageous proposal for a new and more honest America - must reading for any American open to change." - Brian P. Moore, independent candidate for Congress, 5th Congressional District Florida, 2002


"a tell-all guide to practical politics in an age of social decay" - Ray Whebbe, editor, The Watchdog (Minneapolis, MN)



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